Monday, February 06, 2006

Crystal in the water

During winter, we don’t bathe our little Crystal everyday. Probably it makes her a little bit afraid every time we bathe her. One time, she was so afraid that she could move up her bath basin (which is one-third full with water) with one hand !!!

So these days, every time i wash her at night, i will put her legs in the warm water. And she would kick her little legs madly in the wash basin. Same thing if i put her hands in the water. the water will be all over the wooden floor, an extra job for me to wipe it!

If only i could take her to swimming pool ... sighhhhh ... sighhhh... ! In hospital, when she swam for the first time of her life, she cried so loudly. She was only 3 days old at that time.

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