Tuesday, February 28, 2006

8 months old

Crystal is 8 months old now.

her 7th month development :
* she can recognize members of the family and many things in the house, such as lamp, AC, tv, santa clause, wind-bell, chinese poster (with 'fu' letter on it), clock, key, fish lampion, our wedding picture, aloe, duckling, phone, bag.

* she can pronounce words like: mama, papa, nai-nai (means grandma and milk), ce-ce (older sister), ba, da, ta, fa, sa, na. if we call her name, sometimes she will answer by saying, "e...!" or if we talk to her, she sometimes answers "e..." as if she could understand.

* i enjoy singing to her. if i sing "old mac donald had a farm" ... she begins to kick her legs, and if i continue "old mac donald had some sheep ... e a e a o... baba here..baba there..." she would say "ba ...ba....ba...." happily (sometimes she says "da...da....da.." instead of 'ba'). and if i sing a new chinese song, which i am not familiar with the text, so i sing "na...na...na..." she also begins to say "na...na...na...".
there is another song she likes... "doctor john..doctor john...coming doctor john, doctor john, doctor john, wake up now. happy happy yeah..yeah... happy ye..ye.." Hahahahaha.... she likes this song which is often played by a barber shop across the street.

* she can now sit more steadily. but she still cannot roll over now due to too much cloth she wears during winter !!! she could wave bye-bye since last end January.

* she also becomes picky for people, cries when seeing a 'stranger-to-her' in our house.

* she enjoys dropping object and looking at it. if we pick it up and give to her, she will drop it again and again.

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