Thursday, February 02, 2006

first time back to hometown

this is first time Crystal is back for hometown.
everybody loves her, and ... hahaha ... she got a lot of "hong-bao" (ampao).
which is Chinese tradition of giving money in a red envelope.

for Hefei tradition, if some elder people see the baby for the first time, they need to give hongbao, also if the kid/baby visits for the first time, they also should give hongbao. but surely, we (or my parents-in-law) need to 'return' in the future for the children / grandchildren of these people with hongbao too with either similar or more amount of money. fyuuuhhh ... a tiring tradition... 'coz my parents-in-law require me to remember every amount in every hongbao. i even cannot remember all the relatives we visit, bcoz some people are also new to me. this uncle, that auntie, this grandma...that grandpa... ! i would faint !

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