Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm back .. thru NETEVADER

i'd lost my mode to write for couple of weeks.
another reason, i couldn't log into blogger, wordpress, multiply, facebook, and several other websites.
these all are blocked by chinese government.

previous i used a software called: FREEGATE to open these sites.
but few weeks before chinese national day (1st october), this FREEGATE couldnt be used anymore.

now, i'm back again thru another website call
but okey ... using this netevader, i can't insert picture, or edit my posting.
everything is just as plain text.

dunno how long i could use this website to log into my blog,
before it's blocked again by chinese gov. lol ..!

blogwalking-nya digilir satu-satu yah...


lesca said...

i wonder why the government does it?
anyway, it's good to finally hear from you again. hope things are going well with you and your family.


pipit said...

glad to have you back, yen.. :) walau hanya plain text..

zee said...

wah.... ternyata diblokir toh? gile bener ya pemerintah china.... bener-bener...

Veny said...

wahh kena blokiran yah Yen ? iya g perna baca FB di blokir disono termasuk blogspot juga . weelehhh2 !

ary said...

hei Yen, pa kabar ? wah, sekarang aku juga gak bisa tinggalin "have something to say" nih bu.
Sehat terus ya ...