Tuesday, October 20, 2009

teaching color to Angie

angie is totally different from crystal.
crystal listens when you 'teach' her something.
while angie, okey .. she listens .. but no repetition please !!!

mom: angie, look at this picture. repeat what mommy's saying. RED .. YELLOW .. GREEN.
angie: red .. yellow .. green.
mom: once again, red ..yellow .. green
angie: red .. yellow .. green (her eyes were already on the TV screen)
mom: look at the picture here, RED .. YELLOW .. GREEN
angie: i don't want! (covered the pic with her hand)
mom: (put away her hand) RED .. YELLOW .. GREEN
angie: (pulled away the book)
mom: (got the book back,point at the same pict, just wanted to see how angie would react)
angie: (closed her eyes)
mom: (hahaha... couldn't help laughing .. OH, NO!)


Cyntha said...

hahaha.....lah wong angie lagi asik nonton tv, si mommy keukeh belajar warna. *ganggu ajah ya ngie?* :D

zee said...

hahahaa... memang yaaa... namanya ibu2, selaluuu aja belajar, belajar belajar... hahahaa...