Monday, May 26, 2008

Some touching stories after Sichuan earthquake (12-May-2008)

A mother sacrificed herself by protecting her 3 month-old-baby below her own body;
and let her baby nurse as longer as possible.
She wrote an sms for her baby.
"my dearest baby, if you could survive, remember I love you so much."
And the mother died. The baby was found sleeping soundly.

A husband protect his wife below his own body;
told his wife to take good care of their child.
In order to survive, the wife cut her own injured thigh and
drank from her own blood. And she survived.

A teacher (Tan Qianqiu) who could have saved himself .. chose to save 4 elementary students by hiding these students below a teaching-wooden-podium.
His teenage daughter was strong enough to accept this reality. and below is picture of his wife (Zhang Guangrong) cried for his husband.

beside picture was a 20-year-old dancing teacher who covered her students below her own body.

Among many survivors was a kindergarten student. She said she sang whenever she felt afraid. And she survived.

Many police, army, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, volunteers, worked days and nights to find possible survivors below collapse buildings.

.. many kids have lost their parents .. and many parents have lost their kids.

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semoga mereka yg kehilangan anggota keluarga tetap tabah dan kuat menjalani kehidupan ini.

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