Sunday, May 04, 2008

labor day holiday

we got labor day holiday, 1-3 May 2008.
and have to get back to work on Sunday (*yes.. Sunday*).

Sunday is youth day, so those who are 18-28 years old will have another half day holiday.
surely i am out of this group, so cannot enjoy this privilege ! :P

did nothing special, only stayed at home with my girls.
on Saturday .. had lunch together with those who had given ampao/hongbao for Qiqi's birth.

in some location in China, there are many occasions that we may need to spend some money for a kid of our relatives or close friends, even could be more than 3 times for the same kid.
* a newborn baby (meet/see the baby for the first time)
* first time visit to the house where there is a kid (baby or toddler)
* first time visit of the kid to the relative's house
* 1st birthday of the kid (if we come to the ceremony)
* 10th birthday of the kid

for newborn, as parents, after receiving the hongbao (money), in return and as a politeness, we will (have) to invite those who have spent money for a lunch in a restaurant or at home.

lin will have to be out of town again tomorrow for about 1 week.

this evening after dinner, Crystal said, "i should not over-eat. otherwise my belly (*rubbed her belly*) will be round like a ball."

Qiqi is much easier to take care of now. she could lie on the bed for 1.5 to 2 hours, as long as somebody is playing with her. love her more and more .. she is sooo cute! (*all parents will think this way about their own kids*)
these few days, she will laugh happily if i say, " daddy is so so so big .. qiqi is so so so so small.. sister is so so so big .. "
or if i play pick-a-boo with her, she will laugh or giggle happily.

there are many new songs or nursery rhymes Crystal learns from her day-care. she often sings at home. and i enjoy singing along with her.

Crystal always needed help when counting from 20 - 100. after the 9s, we needed to tell her 30,40, etc. then she continued with 31, 32 .. etc.
i printed out a table of numbers from 1 to 100 two weeks ago to let her get the idea. Crystal likes to look at it and count from 1 till 100. now she can count (without looking at the table) from 1 to 100, unless at 29 to 30. she often counts 21, 22 ... 29, 20. so we need to remind her for "30".

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