Wednesday, May 21, 2008

know the day

Since end of last month, Crystal began to know the concept of day.
Often when wakes up, she will ask like this: Mama, today is Wednesday, right?
she seldom makes mistake on which day today is.
She knows exactly that on Saturday and Sunday, her mom doesn't have to go to work.

these two days she doesn't require teacher Li to feed her anymore.
actually she could eat by herself. but she just wants Ms. Li to feed her.
once Ms. Li was taking marital leave, she didn't want other teacher to feed her and she ate by herself. she said, "If Ms. Li isn't here, i will eat by myself. if Ms. Li comes, i want her to feed me."


Since-Yen said...

Hihihi... manja juga Crystal :)

bebek said... pasti cantik ya, yen?