Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mouse, Monday, Monster

Dad : Crystal, where's the pointer? You must have played it.
Crys : mmm ???
Dad : this one here on my notebook, the blue one. you played it, right?
Crys : yes.
Dad : where is it?
Crys : dropped on the floor.
Dad : (*trying to look for it below computer desk, but couldn't find it*)
Dad : next time shouldn't play with it, ok? Otherwise daddy cannot use it anymore.
Crys : (*silent for few moment, and walk to the bed side*)
Crys : daddy, since the pointer is missing, you use the mouse, OK?
Dad & Mom : (*couldn't help laughing*)

Grandma: Jing-jing, what day is tomorrow?
Crys : Monday.
G'ma: who will go to work?
Crys : Mom will go to work tomorrow. Daddy will be out of town on duty.
G'ma: what about you?
Crys : I will go to day-care.
G'ma: what about grandma and grandpa?
Crys : Grandma and grandpa will stay at home, take care of Qiqi. Qiqi is little baby, she is afraid. Grandma and grandpa should take care of Qiqi.

Monster / Mao-Hou
mao = hairy, hou = monkey.
Free translated as MONSTER

Crystal has always been sleeping very late.
When she was below 1 year old, if over midnight she still hadn't slept, grandpa or grandma would meow to scare her (and also Smarty). After the meow, grandma would say, "Mao-hou is coming."
Crystal or Smarty would stop talking or playing, hid below the quilt, became silent .. slowly fell asleep. it worked for few days, then Crystal happened to say, "it's grandpa!"
We couldn't help laughing (*without her knowing*), of course we pretended it was not grandpa.
Till now, I sometimes said, the monster was on the roof, if you are still talking, it will come. (*though I know it was not right to scare a kid with such thing like monster .. ghost .. sigh .. I am not a good mom!*)

And this conversation happened before bed:
Crys : (*ready for sleep*)
Mom : (*carrying Qiqi in arms, said to Crystal ..*) Come on, dear, sleep now, ok?
Crys : You always like to say Monster. Next time you don't talk about Monster anymore. Ok?
Mom : (*feel guilty .. but couldn't help laughing*)
Mom : Ok.. Ok .. mama won't talk about Monster anymore. The monster is dead now. It won't come anymore.

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