Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Crystal now can whine more and more.
A toddler is smart. Once she knows she can get something by whining .. hah .. she will whine more and more often!

if we don't let her climb the table .. flings on the floor .. whining ..
if we don't let her play with a glass.. whining ..
if I want to go to toilet, she won't let me .. whining ..
if I want to eat my dinner, while she wants me to play with her .. whining ..

so I have to distract her, so she forgets to whine. Lol.

She always wants to do things we do. Anything! Even my glasses have to be put by her on me.. instead of wearing it by myself.
If I take her to toilet with me, she will get a wipe and said, “wipe mama's butt.” she will also try to pull up my jeans. Hahaha!

Sometimes she will pick up phone, and said, “hello. where are you?”
That's what her grandpa says every time he calls his sons.
Or she will say, “hello. who are you looking for?”

Usually I seldom forbid her doing anything she wants, coz I think it’s a learning process for her, unless doing something which has relation with fire, hot water, electricity, knife, or medicine.

Two nights ago, after repeated twice, I said to her:
Mama : Crystal, there are 5 things which are forbidden for children.
First is fire, second is hot water, third is electricity,
fourth is .. (I stopped a while, thinking what's next)
Crys : knife!
Mama : ah .. you remember. and fifth is ..?
Crys : medicine!

Last night, she climbed the tea table in the living room.
Mama : Crystal, get down, or you might fall.
Crys : (keep climbing)
Mama : Crystal, get down. If you won't listen, you have to stand on the naughty corner!
Crys : (went to naughty corner for 5 seconds, then back to climb the table again).
Mama : Get down, or mama will spank you
Crys : (ignore mama's words)
Mama : mama will spank you if you won't listen (spank her twice)
Crys : (still ignore and leaning her tummy on the table)
Mama : get down quickly.
Crys : (ignore..ignore..)
Mama : (spank twice again)
Crys : (come to mama, crying and beat mama's hand)
Mama : mama's not wrong, why do you beat mama? (beat Crystal's hand)
Crys : (lying on the cold floor and crying loud)
Mama : stand up, the floor is cold.
Crys : (still crying loud for few minutes)
Gr'pa : (come to carry her up and go to dining room)
Crystal doesn't want mama, mama is bad.
Grandpa carries you.
Crys : (stop crying)
Mama : mama said you should not climb the table. Do you understand?
Crys : (don't reply mama's word, looking at mama with angry face)
Mama : (repeated the same question)
Crys : (keep silent, still with angry face)
Mama : (cant keep smiling behind Crystal)
Gr'pa : go and pinch mama's nose, mama will not be angry anymore.
Crys : (come to mama, pinch mama's nose and smile)
Mama : next time you should listen to mama, will you?
Crystal: listen to mama.
Mama : what shouldn't you climb?
Crystal: tea table
Mama : if you climb tea table, what will mama do?
Crystal : spank Crystal.
Mama : so, will you listen to mama?
Crystal: listen to mama (nodding her head)

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