Sunday, March 18, 2007

because .. again .. puzzles ..

Crystal can use "because" to answer a "why" question.
Mama: Jingjing, do you love mama?
Crys : love mama
Mama: why do you love mama?
Crys : Because Jingjing wants to get down.
Mama: hah .. what relation it has with you love mama?!
Crys : (thinking..) because mama is nice.
Mama: Of course mama is nice, because mama loves you. (kiss.. smack..smack..)

Crystal always loves to play with spoon. Mama's feeding Crystal with her lunch. She said one word that I never expected she could say it, which is "again"; like this: "spoon .. give to Jingjing. Mama take one again" (pointing at the kitchen cabinet).

Crys : cannot match

Mama : change another piece
Crys : (take another piece) cannot match
Mama : take this one
Crys : cannot match
Mama : turn it another way
Crys : can match now

and when she finishes the puzzles, she will say, "yeah..." and holding up her hands. (this was taught by her grandpa)

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sinceyen said...

Crystal diajak ke sini donk, maen ama aku :)
ng'gemesin banget!!!