Friday, March 17, 2006

watching her sleeping

i wish i could be with Crystal all the time, watching her grows up day by day, time to time. but at this moment, there is no choice but to be a 'career mom'. so, during day time, monday to friday, i leave my heart at home and leave my Crystal at home with her granny.

i often lack of sleep for silly thing: watching her lovely face while sleeping.
i really enjoy the moment watching and kissing her cheek while she was sleeping. everyday i will say the same thing to Lin, “look at our baby girl, she is soooo adorable!” Huahahaha … Lin might get bored !

Last nite, we had a great time listen to Crystal laughed happily. She laughed when i put 2 fingers each at her ear and in front of her mouth, acting as making a phone call, and saying: “wei…wei…wei…” (means “hello”)
she would laugh joyfully, every time i said "wei...wei...wei..." making us laugh too …
and we could see her 3 cute little front teeth.

last nite, when in living room, i let Crystal play with a spoon and bowl. when i said to her, "mama wants to eat. please feed mama." she would bring the spoon to my mouth (i taught this to her few days back). same thing happened when we tried on her daddy and grandma.

this morning while still on bed, Lin said something that hmmm ... flied me to the moon ... 说找到我他感觉很幸福,应觉得我是个好老婆,对他好,带晶晶也很体贴。=)

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