Thursday, March 16, 2006

3rd upper-front-left cutting tooth

this was the second time i was out of town. it was for 2 days and 1 night to Shanghai and Ninghai (13 & 14 March) while Lin also had to be out of town two for 3 days (13 - 15 Mar). this was her first nite without mommy and daddy at home.

before falling asleep in my hotel room, i watched her short videos on my mobile until 11.30pm. missed her so at that time! her granny said she woke up twice between midnite and morning.

her 3rd upper-front-left cutting tooth was coming out on 14-Mar-06.

Crystal didn't eat much yesterday, probably she felt uncomfortable with her new tooth. but today she could eat more as Lin told me when i called at lunch time.

she makes a lot of improvement these days. if i teach her something, she can quickly absorb it. for example, it took not more than one hour to let her differ red umbrella and blue umbrella. she also knows red santa clauss and blue santa clauss which i hang on the window.

i taught her "comb" and "combing hair". sometimes if she wants, if i ask her to comb my hair, she will raise her hand that holds a comb to comb my hair. she now can point out people nose, mouth, and eye that is if she wants, bcoz sometimes she doesn't want if she is paying attention on other thing.she also knows big duck and small duckling.i also took her to the balcony, and pointed the moon and stars to her.

but she is slow in studying with "pictures". we have an "animals poster". i think it's more difficult for her bcoz pictures are not "real".

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