Thursday, June 30, 2005

welcome little darling!

30 jun 05 (7 days late from due date)
24th of the 5th month, year of chicken (lunar calendar)

when seeing my belly shape, everybody kept saying, "it must be a boy ... it must be a baby boy.."and we began to believe so...!
then... it's really a nice surprise to the whole family to welcome our baby girl!
she is so small and cute, with beautiful lips, beautiful hair and 10 pretty fingers.

We named her
Liu Hui Han 刘慧晗 (after changing from Liu Guang Hui) for chinese name
Liu is surname, same as Andy Lau =)
Hui means smart
Han means when the day begins
Parvathi Rinjani (from the sanskrit) for indonesia name
parvathi means little mountain
Rinjani is a beautiful mountain in Lombok
Crystal 晶晶 (read: cing-cing) for her nickname

welcome to this wonderful world ... little darlin' !

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